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Welcome to our campaign for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District. I wanted to introduce myself to you and ask you for your help in kicking our do-nothing Congress off of government welfare and forcing them to work for a living.

I am a proud to be a native Mississippian. I am a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with 27 years of service to my country and multiple combat deployments, the proud father of a 14-year-old daughter and I currently work in the offshore oil and gas industry as a contract manager with a commercial helicopter company.

Like you, I am fed up with this do-nothing Congress. We have real problems here in Mississippi but instead of solutions, all we get is more political gridlock, finger-pointing and grandstanding.

Thanks to professional politicians like the incumbent, every other state in the country shouts “Thank God for Mississippi!” whenever a national rating comes out and they find themselves near the bottom of the list.

Mississippi has become first at being last, and instead of working to provide solutions, our incumbent Congressman is actively encouraging members of Congress to continue to not do their jobs and collect their government paychecks.

He calls that “protecting Mississippi values”.

Those aren’t MY Mississippi values, and I’m betting they aren’t yours either.  Like you, I believe we only succeed by hard work, that true success comes only when we all succeed, and that fear is a poor tool of leadership.

As your Congressman, I will dedicate myself to working for this district instead of wasting my time on political infighting. I have worked hard my entire life and I will take that ethic of hard work and service to Washington.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016 12:45 PM


                         NEED HIM MOST?


Washington, DC, August 15, 2016– Speaker Paul Ryan used the editorial section of the USA Today to support his Bipartisan Budget Act (P.L. 114-74) and declared this would supply,

“much needed assistance to the strained defense budget.”

After reviewing a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on this legislation, the federal deficit is projected to total $636 billion, much of this coming from the retirees, nothing from defense contractors!


Palazzo claims he is the champion of veterans, so where is his outrage on this act that would cut $6 billion from military pensions, reduce the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and cut retirement pensions of those under 62? This proposal will cost retirees over $100,000 per person for their lifetime, so…


Thursday, August 11, 2016 4:28 PM

Steven Palazzo Calls Half of Mississippians Un-American Leeches

(Gulfport, MS) In an act of political arrogance worthy of Mitt Romney, Steven Palazzo called half the residents in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District un-American leeches.

While once again avoiding answering to the voters directly, Palazzo “phoned it in” to the Paul Gallo radio show last Friday rather than directly facing the voters he was hired to represent. Not content with simply hiding from the voters, Palazzo decided to double-down on insulting the voters who sent him to Washington when he said,
"Fifty percent of the population, all they care about is their benefits checks and the government or their nice union job with the federal government. They don't care about things that made America great."
Not content with insulting fifty percent of the voters in his own district, Mr. Palazzo state that Congress needed to “go after” the mandatory spending that funded those benefits checks.
The mandatory spending Mr. Palazzo was referring to? It includes programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Child Tax Credits, Child Nutrition Programs, Supplemental Security for the blind and disabled, student loans, and retirement and disability programs for those who were former Federal employees, including Civil Servants, the Coast Guard, and the Military.
As of December 2015, there were over 185,000 people in the 4th Congressional District, nearly 25% of the population, receiving monthly OASDI or SSI payments according to the Social Security Administration.1
“We’ve been asking all along ‘Where’s Palazzo?’ “, 4th District Congressional Candidate Mark Gladney said. “Now we know why he’s hiding from the voters of the 4th district. If you draw Social Security benefits from a program you paid into, if you are sick or disabled or need to turn to your own government that you pay taxes to for help to survive and get back on your own two feet, Steven Palazzo thinks you’re what’s wrong with this country.”
“By his own words, Steven Palazzo admits he is only interested in creating opportunities and providing help to Steven Palazzo and the Washington, D.C. special interests that pay him,” Gladney continued.

Saturday, August 6, 2016 6:51 PM

Interview with WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg

Saturday, August 6, 2016 4:49 PM

Forrest/Lamar Democrats

Thank you Forrest/Lamar Democrats for a great day of wonderful dialog with a roomful of Democrats.  

Remember:  "Where's Palazzo?  NO WHERE!"  

Thursday, August 4, 2016 5:20 PM

Interview with the Picayune Item and Poplarville Democrat

Mark had a good interview with the Picayune Item earlier this week.  You can read read the article online here:

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